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Illustration for article titled Just In Time For The Super Bowl: Strawberry Flavored Cheetos

Straight from the Will Leitch test kitchen Japan, get your mouth ready for the taste bud pants party that is Strawberry Flavored Cheetos! (Gagging sound). Poor Japan. Sure they kill whales, but do they deserve this kind of grief? They next thing you know we'll be stocking their shelves with Honey Butter Doritos. Wait ... what?


Least popular Super Bowl snack items:

• Licorice flavored guacamole

• Rick Majerus Brand mini-corndogs

• Mountain oyster pizza

• Deep fried hairballs


Yes, Strawberry Cheetos have been around for awhile, from what I'm reading. But I've just heard of them. Finally, something to eat with my cucumber soda.

Strawberry Flavored Cheetos Seduce Sweet-Loving Snackers [InventorsSpot]

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