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All right, well, this is it: Just one more World Cup game — one that counts, anyway — and this whole thing is over. On Sunday, it's France vs. Italy for the World Cup title and all the international respect for its citizens and its style of play that comes with it.

David Hirshey is currently dealing with the psychological implications of this picture being released to the public, so he won't be back until Monday with a wrapup. To appropriately warm your cockles for the game, we suggest this bikini simulation of the game — this is how Jimmy the Greek used to make picks — and this video devoted to Zidane, the Frenchman it's OK to like.

The game is at 2 p.m. ET on ABC, and our man Mike Cardillo of That's On Point will be live-blogging the game right here at this bat station. If you like soccer, it'll be as exciting as one could possibly hope for, and if you don't, well, you don't have to hear about soccer for a while. It's win-win!