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Justin Bieber Has Hockey Stick Broken, Tries To Start Shit

via TMZ

I’ve always wondered how a celebrity can enjoy some of the casual, communal pleasures in life, like rec-league sports. Do they just set up games within their own entourage? In the case of Justin Bieber, does he just sign up for a league anonymously, step onto the ice at Valley Ice Center with his helmet already on, and take part just like anyone else, with a discreet bodyguard planted on the bleachers?

When the defense comes down on Bieber’s stick so hard that it snaps in two, is this a normal rough play, or an act of malice specifically targeting the pop star? When Bieber tries to confront the stick-breakers, and the referee skates over to fend him off, does he know he’s manhandling a hundred-millionaire manchild? And when, after No. 23's provocations, the goalie removes his helmet, does he sincerely think he’s about to throw hands with Justin Bieber? Can you imagine what an intoxicating feeling that would be?


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