When your fourth wide receiver is a guy named David Anderson, it's probably not a bad idea for you to explore all possible options, but the Houston Texans are taking it to a (not really all that) new level.

Justin Gatlin, most famous for being the World's Fastest Man for about a day before they added time to his record, probably because they knew he was going to test positive for steroids about a month later, tried out at wide receiver for the Texans this week. It's key that he find some gainful employment in the general vicinity of soon, because he is banned from track and field until the year 2014, also known as "the year the Cubs finally get out from under Alfonso Soriano's contract." (Oh, and they'll have rocket packs by then, surely.)

No word from the Texans or the new NFL commish about whether or not he'll make the team. One might wonder if the NFL would be all that excited about having a proven steroid cheat in their league, but, hell, they already have so many already! What's one more? Come on in; the water's great!


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