Justin Timberlake At The All-Star Game: Drunk, Sarcastic, Drunk-Sarcastic, Or Just Obnoxious?

Justin Timberlake has redeemable qualities, doesn't he? He can sing and dance, he is a good SNL host, and he reportedly even has feelings. All this is more than we can say about Joe Buck. So no matter your opinion of the former boy band front-teen, he deserves some credit for agreeing to a live-broadcast television interview last night, and — instead of using that time to promote his new, terrible film — drunkenly making fun of Joe Buck on air for a few minutes. There was some debate on Twitter about Timberlake's intentions last night, but we think that another look in the sober light of day makes them clear. Justin was drunk, and Justin thinks Joe Buck is an idiot. This particular star: He's just like us!