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Aww man.


The Miami Heat, fresh off a seven-game conference semifinal series against the Raptors last season, have turned into a depressing nightmare. Dwyane Wade ditched them for Chicago this offseason and it appears that fellow 2003 draft alumni Chris Bosh is probably never going to play for the Heat again. They’ve quickly gone from an above-average offense replete with sick dunks to a listless mess with the third-worst efficiency in the NBA. Also, Dion Waiters is one of their best players.

At least Heat fans had Justise Winslow to look forward to! The second-year small forward looked like the sort of promising two-way player that the Heat could build around, so of course he’s hurt now and will miss the rest of the season. Miami’s only half a game ahead of the Sixers, and with their most promising youngster now sidelined, they don’t have a lot more to play for this season. Hopefully, at the very least, Josh Richardson will do some more cool dunks.

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