It seems like the majority of the readers — at least those with Instant Message accounts — are taking notice of Kansas ripping through Nebraska 48-24 at halftime. Virginia and Wake Forest are also trying to make the game interesting, but failing, as the WF Deacons lead 16-10.

As fro the Ohio State game, it's starting to get out of hand. Wisconsin went for another fake punt inside their own 30-yard line. They were only down 7 early in the fourth quarter, and now Ohio State leads 31-17. You may question such a risky move, but I'd do the same thing. Of course, I just play the video game football, and I have a RESET button. Bret Bielema must think the movie Groundhog Day is real ...And The Nedyssey Continues...

Ed Rendell has called the President, he wanted the Purdue/Penn State game declared a disaster area. — Yostal

Jayhawks vs. Cornhuskers - not since the omaha agricultural implements conference have we seen this many drunk farmers — zombiejesusx

holy hell...i just flipped to the versus channel ksu vs. isu...and thats WAY too much red and bright yellow for me on a saturday afternoon...ugh...why did I go to mcdonalds at 4 am. — cdub, VA


I'll be cheering for our boys in the service to head into battle on the enemy's turf and finally deliver the blow to the Papist guerrilla insurgency and its leader Jabba bin Weis. This is one surge we can all give our full support. — Signal to Noise

The guy broadcasting the Kansas-Nebraska game just described Kansas qb as having "A giant "C" on his chest for competitor. This would have made more sense if there in fact any type of "C" on his chest, as in captain. But there isnt. — sortino18

Lou Holtz' speech this week is about how he callously let his friend drown. I don't know how that's supposed to motivate Navy to do anything other than look horrified. — Kit


Announcer in Wisconsin/Ohio St. game: "That play was well defensed" . Be thankful you don't have this network, 90% of America. — The Lou-Do

In the grand motivational tradition of Jackie Sherrill castrating a bull before playing Texas, during practice the other day, Mark Mangino ate an entire silo of corn to fire up the Jayhawks for their game against Nebraska. Some would call it a great motivational tactic. Mangino called it "lunch". — jwaldman11

Thanks to the Big Ten Network, the best game football game I can watch right now is on the Fox Soccer Channel. — ENK


Turns out that giant sucking sound is actually Nebraska — Precious Roy

Nebraska has given up 48 points. It's not halftime yet. I move the Blackshirts be renamed The White Flags — donkeyhotai

Wow, the quality of announcing on the Big Ten Network may have gone down, if that was possible. "A late flag on the play comes in late," says one of the announcers of the Wisconsin/Ohio game. |And here I was thinking that the late flag might have come in early. — fraganhome


Is Hugh Johnson aware that UMass and Rhode Island went to OT tied at 6-6, with UMass scoring all of its points on the strength of 3 safeties? Oh, and the game is taking place in a hurricane. — drocksportguy

At what point in the game are Dave Pasch and Andre Ware going to pull a train on the Penn State players? It's quite clear that they want to tap that ass. — fartinrudy

Also, UM/MSU means so much more to Michigan State than it does Michigan. In today's Detroit Free Press, Michigan lineman Maurice Williams: "The fact that they all want to be us, but they can't, so they have to go to Michigan State." That sums up how I feel about this, pretty much. Our real rivals are Ohio State and Notre Dame. — AsInHowe


Watching the Nebraska-KU game. Every time they show Bill Callahan he looks like he's just terribly confused with today's Sudoku. — drmarquis