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Kansas City Royals Broadcaster May Have Written The Next Great Love Song

To my mind, the most important part of a love song is a memorable first line. It's also the hardest part. So it was with great admiration and not just a little jealousy that we viewed Royals pre and post-game man Joel Goldberg's sneak peek into the writing process.

The thing about love songs is, they can sometimes be mushy and embarrassing. That is the only reason I can figure out why Joel does not want to take credit for this—even going so far as to delete the tweet. First he said he was hacked, and then he shut his twitter account down completely Friday night—I just assumed he was inundated with calls from major labels.


Good news, though: he's back on twitter and hopefully he will get back on that horse and finish what he started.

Unless he's really not ashamed and there really is a blue-working Cyrano de Bergerac in the KC area. Which is almost as uplifting as a good love song.

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