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Kansas City Royals Fans Spend $5,100 To Tell Owner David Glass To Get Lost

Kansas City. Kansas City, Kansas City, Kansas City. Things are bad in Kansas City. Real bad. Royals fans are looking to stop the madness. One fan, Joseph Accurso, decided to get a few buddies together and crowd source an open letter to Royals owner David Glass. $5,100 later and what you see to the right (click to enlarge) was published Thursday in The Kansas City Star.


The letter (full version available here) starts out politely enough ("Thank you for purchasing the team...and for keeping the Royals in Kansas City"), but quickly removes the gloves.

This is an organization that has gone from playing for Division Championships, Pennants and World Championships almost every year for the better part of a 10 to 12 year span, to a team on a proverbial "youth movement" for the better part of 15 years. As this continues, an entire generation of children will not even be able to say that the Royals were once good "back when I was a child," which is the only thing I can say at this point in time. An entire generation has been lost during your tenure. Mr. Glass, with all due respect, you have permeated a culture of losing in the Kansas City Royals organization and it cannot be overcome without new ownership.

Nothing good ever happens after "with all due respect." Accurso, with a nice little bit of kill 'em with kindness, puts a bow on the whole thing thusly:

I implore you, Mr. Glass, to sell the team immediately, enjoy the rest of your days with your family without the burden of team ownership, and accept our thanks for keeping the team in Kansas City.


Too bad Glass wasn't an option for the Home Run Derby.



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