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Kansas City Sportscaster Maintains He Didn't Call KU The "Gayhawks"

This is one of the more confusing controversies in a while. Jack Harry, a sportscaster for KSHB in Kansas City who doesn't hide his Missouri sympathies, said something on Sunday night. Check the video above and try to figure it out.

Kansas fans, who didn't like Harry much to begin with, are convinced he said "gayhawks" and want him fired. We here at the office can't tell what he said. We've watched it multiple times without coming to a consensus. There's a stammer, and the plosive almost sounds too hard to be a "g." (Maybe he started to say "Kansas" but it came out "kayhawks?") We're not the only ones torn—the Kansas City Star's headline is a question, and the story has a user poll on whether he used a slur or not. At press time, 63 percent say it was definitely "gayhawks."

Harry says he can't believe what he's being accused of.

"I have never even thought about that word, even using that word. I haven't used that word to my friends," Harry told The Star. "You don't want to be called a bigot," he added. "The hatred and the vitriol (on social media) — it's beyond me."


The next day, Harry addressed the controversy on the air, once again maintaining that he said nothing:

His boss is standing behind him. KSHB's news director tells that she conducted an "internal investigation." What that could be other than watching the clip over and over again is beyond me. She says no action will be taken. Because, what the heck is an appropriate response when you can't for the life of you decide exactly what was said?

What do you think Harry said?

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