Kansas Forward Carlton Bragg Jr. Charged With Battery For Allegedly Striking Girlfriend, Pushing Her Down Stairs

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Kansas Jayhawks sophomore forward Carlton Bragg Jr. was charged today with one count of misdemeanor battery after prosecutors said his girlfriend called 911, saying he struck her and pushed her down the stairs. Bragg was initially arrested on suspicion of domestic battery, but the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office said they chose to file a battery charge instead because the girlfriend is not a “family or household member,” which is how Kansas law defines domestic violence.

According to a press release from the district attorney’s office, police got a 911 call about 1 a.m. today reporting a battery in the 1000 block of Emery Road in Lawrence, Kan. The caller said “her boyfriend had struck her and pushed her down stairs during an argument,” the press release said. Bragg was later booked into the Douglas County jail on suspicion of domestic battery.

The press release also included this statement on why prosecutors didn’t pursue that particular charge.

Domestic battery cannot be charged under the circumstance because the relationship does not meet the statutory requirements. To be charged with domestic battery, the relationship must be a “Family or household member” which means persons 18 years of age or older who are spouses, former spouses, parents or step-parents and children or stepchildren, and persons who are presently residing together or who have resided together in the past, and persons who have a child in common regardless of whether they have been married or who have lived together at any time. “Family or household member” also includes a man and woman if the woman is pregnant and the man is alleged to be the father, regardless of whether they have been married or have lived together at any time.


The charge is a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by fine or up to six months in jail.

Prosecutors filed an information sheet for the charge. It didn’t give any other details about the night but did list seven witnesses, including the alleged victim. That document, along with the Douglas County D.A.’s press release, is below.