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Kansas Jayhawks

1. Sharing The Wealth. Brandon Rush, Mario Chalmers, Darrell Arthur, Sherron Collins, Sasha Kaun, Darnell Jackson and Julian Wright have all had their turn leading the team in scoring. For the math-challenged amongst you, that's seven different players. And what does this mean for you, poor 16 seed? Unlike KU teams of recent vintage, these Jayhawks do not rely heavily on one or two superstars to carry the load. Thank God, because with a young rotation made up of three sophomores, three juniors and two awe-inspiring freshmen, these baby Jayhawks can be pretty inconsistent.

2. Sweet Home Chicago. Two of the Jayhawks' most highly-touted players, freshman Sherron Collins and sophomore Julian Wright, hail from greater Chicagoland. Bill Self has built upon the connections he forged in the area while coaching the University of Illinois and made recruiting the Chicago area a priority. It's a good thing, too, because while the Jayhawks' roster features five native Kansans, only one of them is averaging more than one point per game (freshman Brady Morningstar). Though Illini fans see the controversial signings of these players as proof of recruiting improprieties on the part of head coach Bill Self, Kansas fans helpfully respond by pointing out that Bruce Weber is not a very good recruiter and also, kind of insane. (Ed. Note: Bill Self wears a toupee!)


3. By the Numbers. With Saturday's win over the Texas Male Cows, the Jayhawks chalked up win number 1900 (third all time) and conference championship number 50 (not all achieved in the Big XII). While some people point to the Bradley or Bucknell debacles as the worst Jayhawks losses in history, for my money it doesn't get any worse than the infamous 1902 loss to the Muscatine, IA YMCA. — Pete Gaines

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