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Kanye West Was At The Decision And Fell Asleep

Fansided has a very detailed account of one former ESPN studio stage manager's experience on the set of LeBron James's Decision, which is three years old today. The most revelatory passage concerns Kanye West, who was not only present for some reason but also fell asleep while LeBron And Jim Gray gabbed.

The stage manager, Courtney Cox, describes a higher-up trying to get Kanye seated for the show. While she wanted to plant him in the back to avoid a Taylor Swift situation, the higher-up wasn't having it—he sat in the third row.

So Kanye walks in with no entourage, just a couple of people, and now I’m thinking he’s either here because he was at the wedding rehearsal for Carmelo Anthony and LaLa, or he was the Chicago representative picked to show out when LeBron chose the Bulls. To this day, I’m still not sure why he was in the building.

I spend the first 15 minutes or so honed in on ‘Ye’s every move. He seems chill, he’s wearing his glasses indoors, and he’s not making sudden moves. I forget he’s there until one of the camera operators says, “I think Kanye West fell asleep.”

At the biggest non-sporting sports event in a while, Kanye West fell asleep before anyone announced anything. He was doing the church/school head nod and everything. Wake up, Mr. West.

He would eventually wake up and leave well before The Decision ended.

Probably something LeBron wishes he could have done, too.

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