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Karaoke Does Not Bring Liverpool Teammates Together

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According to this story (swiped from The Sports Frog), John Arne Riise and Craig Bellamy, teammates at Liverpool, were out with a bunch of teammates last night, having fun at a karaoke bar. Reese's agent, Jan Kvalheim, says the story went a little bit like this:

The team was in Portugal, training for an upcoming Champions League match with FC Barcelona. All the lads were out, boozing and having a good time. A few of the boys wanted to participate in some kind of karaoke competition. Bellamy, who does not fuck around when it comes to karaoke, wanted Riise to come up and sing, but Riise didn't want to because he can't carry a tune. Bellamy insisted. Riise refused. Bellamy continued to insist. The argument escalated, profanity and insults flowed. Eventually, they calmed down.

At about 2 am, though, Bellamy couldn't sleep. Instead of counting sheep or having a cup of chamomile, he opted for a less relaxing option... namely, picking up a golf club and looking for Riise. He found him, and started whaling on Riise's legs, insisting that Riise had belittled him in front of the rest of the team.

Bad. Ass. That may seem excessive to you, but I bet Riise will pick up the microphone next time.


And that may not even be the most interesting part of the story. There are other reports out there of over Liverpool players raising hell, with one being handcuffed for "attempting to headbutt a policeman."

Fuckin' guys know to how to party.

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