Karen Sypher Speaks (Sort Of)

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Karen Sypher, the woman at the center of the bizarre Rick Pitino extortion thingy wants to give her side of the story. Her vague, paranoid, possibly disturbed side of the story.

We still have no idea what exactly she has been accused of doing or what accusations she could be leveling in her alleged blackmail attempts of the University of Louisville coach and her equipment manager ex-husband. The interview is very light on things like "details." It doesn't even address the "blog sites on the internet" rumors that are destroying her good name. But if this video is any indication—Ms. Sypher is very close to losing it.

Our station hired an independent expert to give her a polygraph test, and the results were inconclusive. Karen Sypher says, "What they did is wrong. Everyone seems to be — tell the truth Karen, tell the truth. Well, you know, ask them, hook them up to polygraphs. Ask them the truth...

"It is worse than a nightmare. I'm scared to close my eyes to sleep, and I'm scared to wake up."


Remember, just because you're paranoid that doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. Who "they" are is still a bit fuzzy, but when your only character witness is your mother, that's not encouraging. Even the station that is interviewing her here is basically saying that she's a kook. (They couldn't verify her story, but that won't stop them from putting her on the air.)

This whole thing is turning into one long vacation to Creepytown.

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