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So you know that story earlier this week about the Bills draftee who's the secret son of Karl Malone? Well, the plot thickens. According to The Buffalo News, Malone might have been robbing the cradle a little bit.


Actually, a lot bit. Demetrius Bell's mother might have been 13 when she had the child.

The two have had very little contact during Bell's life. His mother, Gloria Bell, reportedly was only 13 years old and Malone a college sophomore at Louisiana Tech when Demetrius was born. Malone might have served jail time had her family asked the district attorney to file criminal charges.

So that would make Malone 20 at the time, and the mother 13. That, uh ... you know, that just can't be good. (This also makes us realize that the mother of an NFL draftee is almost our age.) We might have just found something worse than Malone turning his back on his own child. Not easy to do.

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