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Karl Malone Talks About The Impact Jerry Sloan Had On Karl Malone

Karl Malone made it perfectly clear at last night's Utah/Phoenix game that Karl Malone thinks former Jazz coach Jerry Sloan is not a quitter. Karl Malone says that he would drop everything Karl Malone is doing at any given time to support Sloan in any venture he undertakes.

Karl Malone has also maintained that Karl Malone doesn't think much of the kids these days.

"They changed the floor back to old school. They changed the uniform back to old school. Somebody tell the damn players to start playing like old school. It may work. They spent a lot of money on the rest, now how about you tell the players? I'm just calling it like I see it."


Karl Malone has also taken some veiled shots at Jazz guard Deron Williams, who recoiled at Sloan's "stringent practice demands."

"You're a professional. You don't need for me to break a film down for you. If you want to stop the guy you're playing, they pay you millions of dollars. You get you a TV and break the player down yourself."

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