Photo Credit: Morry Gash/AP

Today is Jeremy Jeffress’s birthday. So far, it’s sucked. The Brewers are just one game back in the NL wild card race, and in tonight’s crucial game against the division-leading Cubs, he was handed a one-run lead to protect for the ninth inning. He blew it—failing to cover first base quickly enough on a bang-bang play to start the inning, and then allowing the runner to score on a two-out single to tie the game and send it to extras.

But don’t worry about how Jeremy Jeffress’s birthday is going; worry about the real victim here. That’s right—frequent baseball tweeter, suffering Brewers fan and former famous houseguest Kato Kaelin.

Clearly just f*cking losing it over this fn game.

Update (12:10 a.m. ET): Brewers lose, 5-3. But Kaelin checked out halfway through the top of the first.