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Kato Kaelin Sold O.J. Out On "The View" Today

For some reason or another, the Barbara Walters damegaggle decided to put O.J. Simpson's old house guest, Kato Kaelin, on television this morning. Seems as if they presumed people wanted to know where he is now. And hot damn, he's rocking. Says his life has been "crazy great" since the Packers won the Super Bowl. In fact, he just did a game-show pilot called "Lucky Limo" in Vegas.

Kaelin may be the guy who went out for burgers with O.J. before O.J.'s ex and a guyfriend got nearly decapitated. He may also be the squatter who considered himself a friend, even as he tip-toed around murder blood. But, with the Juice in penal custody, he felt comfortable enough to drop some dime. Like a punk-ass snitch.


Here's the money exchange (start it around 1:43 in, unless you want to hear all about Kato's personal-training ladyfriend Amber):

BW: Once and for all, did you think he was guilty?

KK: Well, what I did with Barbara is, I actually whispered in Barbara's ear and I said, 'I think they made a big mistake.' That was my gut feeling, that's what I said, I said, 'My opinion is, I thought he was guilty.'

Elisabeth Hasselback: You feel the same way now?

KK: Yes.

BW: But you didn't say that at the time.

KK: But that isn't a question they could ask of me, as being, that was my opinion.

Kato went on to say that he thinks a karmic boomerang struck Orenthal.

And like that, poof, he's gone.

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