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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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If you're a New England Patriots fan — because Lord knows we need more of those — and you want tickets to the AFC Divisional game in San Diego on Sunday, you're out of luck: The Chargers are restricting online ticket purchases to those from Southern California. Their exact policy: "The San Diego Chargers have restricted sales to the Divisional Playoff game to residents of Southern California and the surrounding area only Residency will be based on your credit card billing address. Orders by residents outside of southern California will be canceled without notice."


The Chargers aren't alone in this — the Bears are only letting buyers purchase from Illinois and Northwest Indiana — and just say they're trying to keep their homefield advantage. We understand the mindset — it's not like they're not gonna sell those seats anyway — but think they should take it even further. We suggest they also, just to be safe, ban anyone with the last names Sullivan, Murphy, Fitzpatrick and Matsuzaka.

Chargers Shut Out Pats Fans [Boston Globe]

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