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Of all the celebrities who showed up at the USC-UCLA game last weekend, it must have been easy to miss Luke Walton, Lakers bit player and son of Big Bill Walton. But not for long. As reported by USC's From The Sidelines blog, the younger Walton was booted off the sidelines last weekend for not having an appropriate visitor pass. And we really mean booted: He was escorted off the field by policemen (who, apparently, weren't busy guarding Stephen A. Smith). From The Sidelines has all kinds of pics from the incident; apparently some USC students inadvertently alerted security to his presence.

We feel bad for Mr. Walton, not just because he was kicked out, but because, upon leaving, fans chanted "Go Clippers!" at him. Now that's just being mean.

Luke Walton Thrown Out Of UCLA Game [From The Sidelines]