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Keith Hamilton Swings A Mean Surge Protector

Former Giants defensive tackle Keith Hamilton believes in an odd method of disciplining his children. Some parents will go for the "time-out," some will go for a routine spanking, some might make you put a quarter in a jar every time you swear. But if you're Keith Hamilton's kid, and you come home with a bad report card, you get your ass beat with a surge protector.

Now, I don't want to get into sort of an argument over the merits of beating your kids vs. not beating your kids. I don't have any of the little bastards, so I'm no kind of an expert on what kinds of household items you should strike your children with when they get bad grades. But why a surge protector? I don't know much, but I know you should never leave your appliances subject to an electrical surge when you're beating your children.


Police also say that he picked his son up by his throat (ouch), and elbowed him in the chest. He was sentenced yesterday to three years probation.

Ex-Giant draws 3 years probation []

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