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Keith Olbermann Blasts Tony Dungy

On last night's show, Keith Olbermann took Tony Dungy to task for his comments that he "wouldn't have taken" Michael Sam because he "wouldn't want to deal with" the accompanying distractions.


The great thing about this clip, which starts at the two-minute mark, is how Olbermann thwarts Dungy's attempt to claim the high ground without resorting to calling him a bigot or criticizing him for having a unpopular opinion. After establishing Dungy's history of homophobia, Olbermann makes it obvious that this isn't about distractions at all: he points out Dungy's hypocrisy by digging up an earlier quote in which Dungy said Sam "will be welcome in the league," and notes how Dungy served as the mentor for Michael Vick, who some might have considered something of a distraction.

The killing blow comes when Olbermann notes just how Dungy's passive "distraction" excuse was once used, in identical form, to keep black men out of football. And then: "Tony Dungy just admitted that Tony Dungy wouldn't be a skilled enough coach to deal with the distraction of doing the right thing."

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