Keith Olbermann: Roger Goodell Needs To Be Fired

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Keith Olbermann had another chance to tear apart Roger Goodell tonight, not calling for his resignation, but for the NFL commissioner to be fired in light of today's AP report that the NFL received the Ray Rice elevator footage in April.

Olbermann specifically picked at Goodell's "naive, foolish, personally hypocritical comment" from his interview with CBS, in which Goodell said he only used law enforcement for gathering information as they are the "most credible." If that's the standard, Olbermann asks, where did Goodell get the Patriots' practice tape in the Spygate investigation? Or the alleged tape where Saints defensive end Anthony Hargrove asked for money in the Bountygate investigation?


"You claim you had your doubts about Ray Rice's story anyway, and yet you still didn't pursue the tape, or did you not pursue it because you already had it?" Olbermann wonders, before pushing the point that Goodell's exerted far more effort in punishing vague rule-breaking in his sport than he has for cases of domestic violence.