Kellen Winslow Kindly Requests You Make No More References To Him Being A F*$#ing Soldier

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Besides being a talented, but injury-prone tight end, Kellen Winslow is best known for his patriotic tirade against those kamikaze Tennessee Volunteers. But Winslow's less combustible now, so he doesn't appreciate any references to it, even if it's playfully complimentary.

JoeBucsFan found out this information first hand when he popped by Winslow's football camp for a visit. The former Cane sized-up the blogger and then let him know about his major malfunctions:

When Joe was introduced to Winslow, the tight end asked who Joe worked for. When Joe answered, "," Winslow quickly turned to his wife and asked, "What's this guy been calling me again?"

"Sgt. Winslow," she answered.

Right away Winslow barked at Joe, "You're not going to say that no more, right?"

No less than two other times, Winslow asked, no, demanded in so many words, "No more of this sergeant stuff, OK?"


Ok! The "Joe" from JoeBucsfan would like people to know that Winslow wasn't threatening or scary when this happened, but the fact that it was mentioned three times during their brief little interview ensured that he was very serious about this request. Access to players — isn't it awesome?


In that vein, who do you think will be the first sports blogger to get punched in the head?

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