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Kemba Walker Made The Block Of Your Dreams

So this happened on Friday night, but I feel compelled to draw your attention to it now, because this right here is the exact block that anyone who's ever played even a minute of organized basketball has dreamt of making.

The reason everyone wants to make this block is because when you are Kemba-Walker-sized (6-foot-1) or smaller, it never works. Most people who have tried to pull this block off have done so out of desperation—the kind that's born out of an embarrassing turnover or the absence of the physical stamina necessary to get back on defense—and they almost always end up whiffing or hacking the poor shooter, at which point everyone else on the court looks at them and mutters something along the lines of, "The hell was that about?"


But nobody was saying that to Kemba Walker! He came flying in from behind Jose Calderon and swatted the motherfucking life out of that ball. This one goes out to the all the rec-leaguers still hunting that dream.

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