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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

LeBron James was amazing, but I would like to draw your attention to another remarkable performance from last night's game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors: That of Kendrick Perkins, a rusty tugboat that washed up onto a basketball court during a hurricane.


Perk, in just his second game as a Cavalier, played two minutes in the second quarter. In those two minutes, he grabbed one rebound, set a few screens, turned the ball over once, and committed two personal fouls. This is what that sequence looked like in the box score:

5:05 Kendrick Perkins enters the game for Timofey Mozgov
4:01 Kendrick Perkins defensive rebound
3:31 Kendrick Perkins offensive foul (Andrew Bogut draws the foul)
3:31 Kendrick Perkins turnover
3:03 Kendrick Perkins personal foul (Klay Thompson draws the foul)
3:03 Tristan Thompson enters the game for Kendrick Perkins


That's it! That was his whole night, his entire contribution to an NBA basketball game. It is the perfect encapsulation of who Kendrick Perkins is as a basketball player, and I encourage you to watch all 2:02 of his run in the highlight reel above. The best part is listening to Chris Webber gush about Perkins while he drags himself up and down the court like he's got an iron lung strapped to his back. Kendrick Perkins is only 30 years old! He's an inspiration and I love him.

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