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Nathan Johnson, 28, just can't suppress the urges inside him. Or maybe he was just bored in Paducah, Kentucky, a city of 25,000 near the Illinois border. The heat, oh, the heat. It can drive a man mad.


Here's KFVS-12, Heartland News:

According to the McCracken County Sheriff's Department, a witness called police saying she'd seen a man having sex with a horse at Carson Park in the stable area on July 14. After an investigation, an arrest warrant was issued for Nathan Johnson on Monday, July 18.

Johnson, 28, from southern McCracken County, was arrested Tuesday morning in Paducah. He was taken to the McCracken County Jail on $500 cash bond.

According to a news release, records indicate Johnson was charged with this same offense in October, 2002, for another similar incident at Carson Park. He was [fined] $232.50, received probation and was ordered to stay away from Carson Park.


One only wishes W.C. Heinz were alive to cover this. I can see it now, The Seduction of a Racehorse.

Man accused of having sex with horse [KFVS-12, h/t Dustin]

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