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Kentucky QB And Cheerleader Got Arrested Yesterday

On Jan. 8, University of Kentucky quarterback Mike Hartline and the rest of the Wildcats are scheduled to face Pittsburgh in the BBVA Compass Bowl. Sixteen days later, Hartline'll be in court. Here's why:

The incident is said to have evolved after Hartline and some friends grabbed a cab ride from a local drinking spot called the Tin Roof. After the group arrived at their destination they began raising hell and that's when police were called. According to police reports a heated argument broke out between Hartline and a young lady named Samantha Sheeran.

Sheeran claims that Hartline and a UK cheerleader named Ashley Kathleen Carnes assaulted her during that argument and even though the police found no visible injuries on her body, she was informed to go downtown if she wanted to press charges.

Reports also indicated that Hartline smelled of alcohol and had trouble standing and speaking so that's where the arrest comes in. While Hartline was taken in for a mug shot, Carnes was also arrested and charged with using or attempting to use a false ID to obtain alcohol. ...

UK spokesman Tony Neely said that Coach Joker Phillips is aware of the arrest and is gathering information and will address it at the appropriate time. [Herald-Leader]


Fun fact: Ashley Carnes made an appearance in an Esquire slideshow:

Ashley Carnes, Kentucky: I consider John Wall the very best. Television does him no justice - he's much better live. Some say that he's too young and inexperienced to be the best, but I think his age is what makes him that much more amazing.

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