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Kentucky Wildcats

1. Roc-A-Fella. After many of his made baskets, Kentucky starting point guard Ramel Bradley uses his hands to make a diamond symbol to the crowd. According to Bradley, the symbol is an ode to his fellow Brooklyn native Jay-Z and represents Roc-A-Fella records and the Dynasty of Kentucky basketball. However, many in Kentucky do not understand the reference, leading to an infamous radio argument in Louisville between two callers over whether Ramel Bradley and Jay-Z were ripping the symbol off of former pro wrestler "Diamond" Dallas Page. The debate ended when both callers had to be hung up on due to profanities.

2. Poland! Backup center and Polish native Lukask "Woo" Obrzut is a crowd favorite, in large part due to his odd observations and translations made in postgame interviews. Earlier this season, when asked if the crowd made him excited, he commented, "I live off of crowds ... I eat it." Then, when asked how he remained so calm under pressure he said, "When I was a little Woo in Poland, my mom threw me in the icy river and I had to get myself out. That was pressure."

3. The New Brit. While not able to help the current group of Wildcats, many Kentucky fans are looking forward to the arrival of seven-foot British recruit Mike Williams. Williams, who lives in Alexandria, Virg., now, caused a stir in Kentucky when it was revealed that he had named himself the "Big Black Member" on his Myspace profile. That name combined with his thick British accent has folks in Kentucky ready for four more years of goofiness. — Matt Jones


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