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Kerry "the Crooning Cannon" Collins Is a Country Music Songwriter

Lost in the bedlam that has overtaken my hometown over the Titans 9-0 start and Kerry Collins becoming an MVP candidate is this fact: Kerry Collins has written a country song. Which is entertaining on several levels, but not nearly as entertaining as the title: "It's Not Hard to Be Happy When I'm Looking at You." Clearly he wrote it while looking at Vince Young. The paragraph is buried in a story about Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus's new album. Or something.

He (Billy Ray Cyrus) had a chance to pitch the song to Titans quarterback Kerry Collins, who, as it turns out, is also a songwriter. "I dabbled a little bit," Kerry said. "I met Ed Hill and Billy Lawson and we sat down and came up with a song. I think it's pretty good." The title is "It's Not Hard to Be Happy When I'm Looking at You,"


More likely Vegas odds in the preseason of 2008: Collins accepts a Grammy for his songwriting or an MVP for his quarterbacking? A-listers pay homage to BMI's top songwriters [Tennessean]

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