With their whole name change — no more evil Rays! — Tampa Bay is unveiling their new uniforms next month. And they're bringing out the big guns for the experience.

The Rays will indeed have the promised "major entertainment star" on hand Nov. 8 when they unveil their new look at Straub Park in downtown St. Pete. I initially wondered about the wording of that, since you figure they'd just call a band a band. Now I get it. The star in question is indeed major—Kevin Costner—but he also happens to have a band. Who knew?

Anyway, the St. Pete shindig will begin at 6:30 p.m., immediately following the fashion show (beginning at 5:30) that will serve as the official debut of the Rays' new uniforms. Fireworks will follow [Costner's "band"'s] set at 8 p.m. The fashion show is scheduled to include current Rays players and coaches along with the likes of Wade Boggs and Fred McGriff.

We don't imagine it took much persuasion on the part of the Rays. "Hey, Kevin, if you show up in St. Pete, you can wear a baseball uniform and we'll let your crappy band play. That work? Oh, no, you don't have to come until November. What? Oh. You're here now? That's you knocking? Well, jeez, come on in then."

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