Kevin Pillar Suspended Two Games For Using Homophobic Slur

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MLB announced yesterday that it was investigating whether Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar called Braves pitcher Jason Motte a “fag” or “faggot” during Tuesday night’s game. The Blue Jays, perhaps in an attempt to get out ahead of any punishment from the league, have since suspended Pillar for two games.

The suspension was announced before last night’s series finale against the Braves. Pillar gave a statement in which he admitted that he did use a homophobic slur, and apologized for doing so. From ESPN:

“I regret saying it,” Pillar told reporters at SunTrust Park a few hours before the finale of a four-game series against the Braves. “I’m going to use myself as an example of how there are words out there you can’t use. It’s not a word I use ever. ... It’s something that just came out.”


Pillar sat out yesterday’s game and will also miss today’s game against the Orioles. He will also pay an undisclosed fine.