Louisville's Kevin Ware suffered what appears to be a compound fracture of both the tibia and fibula in the first half of the Cardinals' Midwest regional final bout against Duke. The injury led to a ten-minute delay in the action and is one of the most difficult things to watch, ever.

Ware would eventually be put onto a stretcher and taken to a hospital, but it's players' reactionsā€”both Ware's teammates and his Blue Devils competitorsā€”that really tell the story here. We'll update as we know more, but by simply watching what happened it's clear.

Former Louisville guard Edgar Sosa suffered a similar injury while playing in a FIBA game for the Dominican Republic two years ago. Here's the same video, with the announcers:


Update (7:43 p.m.): As expected, it's been announced Ware's leg is broken, and Louisville coach Rick Pitino said after the game he's expected to be out for a year.


Update (11:02 p.m.): Pat Forde with an update: