Kevin Ware Suffered Maybe The Most Gruesome Injury In The History Of Televised Sports [WARNING: VERY GROSS]

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Louisville's Kevin Ware suffered what appears to be a compound fracture of both the tibia and fibula in the first half of the Cardinals' Midwest regional final bout against Duke. The injury led to a ten-minute delay in the action and is one of the most difficult things to watch, ever.

Ware would eventually be put onto a stretcher and taken to a hospital, but it's players' reactions—both Ware's teammates and his Blue Devils competitors—that really tell the story here. We'll update as we know more, but by simply watching what happened it's clear.


Former Louisville guard Edgar Sosa suffered a similar injury while playing in a FIBA game for the Dominican Republic two years ago. Here's the same video, with the announcers:



Update (7:43 p.m.): As expected, it's been announced Ware's leg is broken, and Louisville coach Rick Pitino said after the game he's expected to be out for a year.


Update (11:02 p.m.): Pat Forde with an update: