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KG: "Philly Fans Are Fair-Weather." Inquirer Writer: "Oh Yeah? Boston's Racist!"

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A few days back, Kevin Garnett said — or at least implied — that 76ers fans are fair-weather. It stung a bit, considering the Sixers have been terrible for the better part of a decade, and basketball is a distant fourth in Philly hearts. (That's not a knock; some sport has to be fourth.) Mostly it was KG being a dick, because KG's good at being a dick. But it led to some soul-searching. And also this, from the Inky's John Mitchell:

Ok, to that I say that it's better to be fair weather than to be anything remotely akin the cretins that unleashed their racist vitriol via Twitter upon Washington Capitals defenseman Joel Ward, a Black hockey player, last month after he eliminated Boston's Bruins from the NHL playoffs with an overtime goal.


Wait, what?

Can't really call this an isolated incident, my friend, not unless you believe that those clowns were gathered together in some sort of Bruins/Skinheads gathering and, after their team went down, they all took to Twitter once Ward drove the stake through Boston's heart.

Do go on.

Bill Russell, the biggest sports winner in the history of Boston sports, absolutely loathed the city and a fan base that he saw as racist.

His words, not mine.

So my advice to you, KG, is that you're better off winning this series, the next one and then the next. Because if you let those stalwart fans down, who knows what they'll unleash on you. We do know what they are capable of.

Take that how you want.

Personally, I take that as "If the Celtics don't win the NBA Title, Boston fans are going to lynch Kevin Garnett," and holy shit I didn't realize I got on the logic express train, because we missed a few stops somewhere along the way. This isn't a comeback, this isn't a defense, this isn't even an ad hominem attack—because it's not against the guy making the argument—it's just a pure non sequitur, with the race card to boot. "Your fans aren't great." "Fuck you, Boston hates black people!"

We won't even get into the high comedy of someone from Philadelphia—Philadelphia!—calling another fan base racist.

KG: "fair-weathered" beats bigoted any day []