Khabib Nurmagomedov Taps Out Conor McGregor, Attacks Conor Coach In Crowd, All Hell Breaks Loose [Updates]

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After 15 or so boring minutes of complete control, Khabib Nurmagomedov ended Conor McGregor with a brutal rear naked choke in the fourth round of their highly anticipated title fight at UFC 229. Conor got his ass ground into the fence as Khabib talked shit to him for three-plus rounds, reclaiming a little dignity by not getting utterly dismantled in the third, before the fight came to a fitting end.

Somehow it got better and nuttier from there, as Khabib celebrated his win in what will almost certainly prove to have been the biggest-money fight in UFC history by traipsing out of the octagon to find and beat the ass of McGregor hanger-on Dillon Danis. A brawl then broke out in the cage. A Khabib associate even leapt into the cage and looked to have landed a punch or two on Conor. A simple explanation for why Khabib went psycho on the roster of McGregor idiots is that Conor spent fight week talking some truly wild and personal shit against Khabib:


Witness the chaos:


Update (2:04 a.m. ET): Some other angles and video:


Danis was escorted out by the cops.


Joe Rogan and Co. feigned outrage, as if this wasn’t the best possible promotional fodder for the inevitable rematch. The dust is still settling; we will have more for you as this situation deteriorates further.

Update (2:39 a.m. ET): Dana White said that after reviewing the video, McGregor will receive his purse but Nurmagomedov will have his withheld. According to White, McGregor has declined to press charges against three of Nurmagomedov’s associates who attacked him and were arrested.