As a well-traveled NHL player, Andrei Nazarov was very large and enjoyed fighting. He wears a suit and tie and glasses now, and coaches Vityaz Chekhov in the KHL, but is still very large and still enjoys fighting. So we would very much recommend you not throw bottles at him.

Via ProHockeyTalk comes video of Nazarov, his 1409 career penalty minutes awakening deep within as he grabs a stick and challenges the whole of Belarus to drop the gloves. Seems fans of Dinamo Minsk were raining debris on the Vityaz bench, so Nazarov decided to take matter in hand. He probably could have snapped 60-70 necks before being brought down, but the camoflauge-clad commandos serving as arena security made it on the scene just in time. Nazarov is suspended just two games, because he didn't actually split anyone's skull open. He only tried to.