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Kicking Pepperoni On The Ump

There are so many ways to express your displeasure with an umpire. You can boo; some do this quite effectively. You can send him angry letters. You can say nasty things about him on a message board. Or you can throw pizza at him.

This tactic works best when's it's a Little League game.

Unhappy with a series of calls throughout the game, parents and fans in attendance at a Concord, N.H., little league baseball game last Wednesday expressed their displeasure with the umpires by showering them with vulgarities, threatening them and confronting them face-to-face after the game. The Manchester Central Little League Umpires added that food was thrown at them, including pizza, which hit the referees in the head and in the arms, one umpire said. At one point, the umpires were cornered inside a room.


You know, this tactic absolutely did not work with the late Eric Gregg.

Little League Baseball Umpires Attacked by Fans With Pizza [Fox News]

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