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Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Partner Isn't Proud Of Brawling With A Rapper During Vegas Fight Weekend

In the role of Larry Merchant is a TMZ photographer. Starring as Victor Ortiz is the world famous "Ray J." And as Mayweather-by-default, we have rapper Fabolous.


So, let's hear what 50 Cent has to say about some fight-week shenanigans:

According to 50, as he was greeting Fab backstage at The Palms' concert center, Ray J approached the rapper in an aggressive manner.

"Ray popped off like ‘I told you my people's wasn't going to be happy with all that,'" 50 recalls the singer saying in reference to the Twitter comments. "Fab was looking at him [Ray J] like he was crazy."

From there the altercation turned physical and 50 said her stepped in to break it up. As for the bloody beaten Ray J alleged he gave to Fabolous, 50 said it didn't exactly go down like that. It was more like Ray J swung and missed on the punch he claimed he delivered.

"I'm not saying Ray J is lying, they did get to start moving in the hallway but I got in between both of them," 50 said. "If he [Fabolous] got punched in the face he wouldn't have went on stage [to perform] with no [sun] glasses."


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