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Kimbo Slice Lands A Very Suspicious Knockout

Kimbo Slice, former bouncer, former internet streetfighter, former MMA sensation and washout, is now trying his hand at boxing. And while one doesn't usually start a successful boxing career at 38 years of age, Slice has gone undefeated in three matches by being matched against even more unlikely fighters.

Slice's bid for 4-0 was Saturday night, and it was the sort of travesty that may have helped kill Bert Sugar. At the O'Reilly Center in Springfield, Mo., he faced off against one Brian Green, an unsuccessful MMA fighter making his professional boxing debut. Through three rounds, Green easily outpointed Slice, and only needed to survive one more round to hand Slice his first defeat. Instead of staying at arm's reach and taking the decision, Green—for some reason—kept wading in to trade punches.

The video picks up with the fight nearly over. You can hear someone yell to the fighters "15 seconds left!" Green backs off, drops his guard, and takes three slow-motion taps, collapsing in a heap. The fans begin booing immediately. It's a pretty big allegation to make to say a fight's fixed, but that crowd knew what they saw—and the internet isn't shy either.


Green was counted out with just three seconds remaining in the fight, and he was ahead on all the judges' scorecards. Slice moves to 4-0, earning the respect of precisely no one save Brian Green, who was waiting outside Slice's locker room afterwards to try and get an autograph.

"I just wanted to go get in a fist fight and I guess I did," said Green, a mixed martial arts fighter from Des Moines, Iowa, with a 27-17 professional record. "He caught me, apparently, in the last three seconds. I don't really remember it."

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