With so many crap teams hitting the reset button today, you may have briefly forgotten about Washington, the kings of dysfunction. Well, here's your reminder: they're still a mess, and they're content to come back with the same coach and GM. But it seems they're going to need to clear out at least one quarterback this offseason.

This doesn't sound as if Cousins hopes or expects to be named the starter himselfā€”that would be insaneā€”he just doesn't want the 'Skins offering Robert Griffin the job without forcing him to earn it in camp. Which sounds reasonable, but if anyone needs a hug or a vote of confidence right now, it's Griffin.


Both Griffin and Cousins have one more year remaining on their rookie deals. If forced to choose one, it has to be Griffin, right? (I mean, neither is probably the long-term solution. But Cousins sucks. Griffin probably sucks too, but once upon a time he didn't suck, and then he broke, and maybe there's a chance he could not suck again someday. Probably won't happen on this team, though.) Of course, no one's ever gotten rich betting on Washington making the smart decisionsā€”or, for that matter, them understanding that you can't recover sunk costs.

For his part, Griffin wants to stayā€”if Jay Gruden will have him.

"I want to be here to help this team win, try to turn this thing around and change the culture around here," he said. "That's my only focus. If Coach Jay and this organization wants me to be around, then I'll be here. I'll be ready to go."


Cousins reportedly has interest from the Browns, which would be perfect: he can be miserable backing up Johnny Manziel, until Manziel inevitably gets run over by his own party bus, or gets suspended for headbutting a dog that looked at him funny. But by going public with his conditional trade demands, Cousins has made sure Washington's haul for him will be even more minuscule. Man, the 'Skins are bad at this whole quarterback thing.

Update: Kirk's walking this one back a bit, but not really.