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Illustration for article titled Kirk Radomski Has No Doubt That Roger Clemens Is Lying Through His Pustules

Kirk Radomski's new book "Bases Loaded" is about his life as a high-end dope dealer for major league players. A large chunk of his promotional tour appears to be knee-capping Roger Clemens.

Radomski, who testified in Washington D.C. last week for the Clemens perjury case, said there's no doubt in his mind that The Rocket is delusional. He tells Jeremy Schapp in an upcoming "Outside The Lines" interview that he personally shipped HGH to Clemens home in Houston and his only regret is that his friend, Clemens' former trainer Brian McNamee, is mixed up in this messy melodrama. And he's furious that Clemens is treating McNamee like this opportunistic hanger-on:

"If Brian was such a bad person why did Andy Pettitte back him? Why did Chuck Knoblauch back him? You let a guy you don't trust and you don't respect stay in your house, and be around your family. And be around your kids.[H]e admits his wife got a shot [of human growth hormone] in the bedroom. Think about this, he let someone go in a bedroom with his wife and inject his wife. And you didn't trust the guy? If he didn't trust the guy, he would have knocked the guy out. That would have been it. But he let him do it. What does that tell you?"


That Roger Clemens doesn't mind others looking at his wife's ass, considering he's had so many other affairs throughout their marriage? It's only fair.

I believe Brian McNamee, Not Roger Clemens [ESPN]

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