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Klay Thompson Remains Remarkably Calm Upon Learning He Lost A Chance At Another $30 Million

The All-NBA teams came out today, and Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson isn’t on any of them. While teammates Steph Curry and Kevin Durant made the first and second teams, respectively, Thompson couldn’t even sneak onto the third team. Those honors went to Russell Westbrook and Kemba Walker.

There’s a strong case to be made that this was the right call by the voters, since most advanced metrics really do not like Thompson, and the sharpshooter’s efficiency is significantly behind Curry’s or Durant’s. Still, getting left off the list is tough for Thompson’s future, because it means he won’t be eligible for a supermax deal when he becomes a free agent this summer.

That difference, of potentially $30 million, is completely beyond Thompson’s control, but you wouldn’t know it from his reaction. Upon hearing of the snub, he somehow maintains his chill, reacting the way someone would if you stole their seat when they went to the bathroom. The closest he ever comes to showing his anger comes with a mere squint into the distance, when a reporter erroneously says Bradley Beal made the team over him.


Chin up, Klay. You can still get a spot on the Calm-NBA first team.

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