Klay Thompson Thinks Timofey Mozgov's Screen Was "Kind Of Dirty"

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Klay Thompson was briefly removed from Game 3 of the NBA Finals after a collision with Cavs center Timofey Mozgov left him with a contusion on his left thigh. After the game, Thompson was still annoyed about how things went down:

You can sense the frustration behind Thompson’s attempt at a diplomatic answer. “It seemed kind of dirty to me” isn’t the kind of callout that’s going to bring us a full-scale beef, but it’s the kind of thing a guy says when what he really wants to do is shout, “Did you guys see that shit?!? What the hell was that big Russian clown even doing?”

As for whether the play was actually dirty, Thompson has a point. Mozgov set a reckless moving screen, and Thompson had no shot at avoiding it because he was running full speed. That probably has less to do with Mozgov being dirty, and more to do with the fact that he has been in cold storage for weeks and is more than a little rusty. Also, it could be worse for Thompson. Some annoying jerk on the other team could have kicked him in the ding dong.