Klay Thompson's Parents Are Docking His Allowance For Getting Involved In The Warriors-Pacers Fight

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Aside from David Lee and Roy Hibbert, a number of players had supporting roles in Monday night's Golden State-Indiana mini-brawl. One of them was Klay Thompson, who was fined $35,000 for escalating the fight. You can see him in the video, No. 11, holding the basketball. He charges Hibbert from behind, moving the scrum toward the seats.


Klay's father, 13-year NBA vet Mychal Thompson, was watching. The elder Thompson went on the radio to share what was going through his head. As transcribed by Believe The Hype:

"I saw Klay mixed up in the beginning, tied up with George Hill," Mychal said. "I say to myself, don't do nothing stupid now, don't throw a punch, don't throw the ball at anybody."

"Then Roy Hibbert turned his back & [Klay] was like ‘now's my chance'!"

"I was like ‘you idiot'!"

He then went onto say that he recorded the incident to show his wife Julie who was out at the Cheesecake Factory buying Mychal Thompson some salmon for dinner. When she got home he said, "sit down & watch your dumb son"

You are now sad you weren't raised by the Thompsons.

There's more. It seems young Klay doesn't have access to his own money, and receives a regular stipend from his accountants/parents.

All cheques are paid to Mychal & Julie who take care of his accounts for him to make sure Klay's financial situation is set up for his post NBA career.

So, naturally, Papa Thompson's going to teach Klay a lesson of his own by fining him personally also, however, Klay will find out the old fashioned way.

"He will [find out he's been fined by us] when he sees that cash envelope show up a little short this week," he said.

This is kind of heartwarming, because as Trey Kerby points out, Mychal Thompson is a former NBA player who knows all too well how athletes can burn through their money, leaving them bankrupt within years of leaving the league. That's just good parenting—though after Klay's teammates find out he doesn't have his own bank account, they're going to need to teach him how to deal with bullies.

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