Knicks Accused Of Hiding Jeremy Lin's Injury To Sell Playoff Tickets

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The Daily News missed a big chance for a "Linsidious" headline, but not the chance to make a pretty big accusation: that the Knicks knowingly sat on the results of Jeremy Lin's MRI until after a playoff ticket deadline had passed.

The implication—there is no smoking gun—comes from Frank Isola, no friend to the Dolans. On Monday, Lin's MRI revealed a torn meniscus, which 99 times out of 100 requires surgery. On Wednesday, the last day for season ticket holders to purchase playoff tickets through the Finals, the Knicks sent out an email showing Lin jumping in celebration. On Friday, bizarrely, they quietly contradicted coach Mike Woodson's quote that he might not have Lin for a while. On Saturday, the team announced that Lin would have surgery, and is probably done for the year.


Again it's worth noting that Isola is as combative towards the front office he covers as anyone in America, and the team can point to the fact that Lin didn't officially decide on surgery until Saturday. But Isola knows enough to lay out the facts, and let the Knicks' gruesome track record do all the insinuating for him.

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