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So the Knicks fans had that "Fire Isiah" rally yesterday afternoon — inconveniently right before the Knicks' most impressive win of the season — and the outrage in New York was palpable. And by "palpable," we mean, "about two dozen people showed up despite it taking place in one of the most highly foot-trafficked places on the planet." So, it went well.

If Isiah Thomas acknowledges the protest at all — and he's just dumb enough to do so — he'll probably point out something idiotic, like his famous "we're missing layups because you're booing" comments. (Here's a whole great list of Isiah quotes over the last few years.) But we think the small number of people showing up for a protest is indicative of a fact far more damning than righteous fury; it's impossible not to be apathetic about the Knicks right now. Sure, Isiah inspires much ridicule, and pretty much everything he says digs himself a deeper hole (in the most entertaining way) ... but when you're at the game, you really can't hear him. The games themselves — save for last night — are empty, sullen slogs meandered through by tall men who don't care. For all the incompetence and sexual harassing going on at the Garden, the games themselves are brutal. That's why people don't care ... and that's probably why there's only two dozen people protesting the Knicks, and why Isiah Thomas still has a job.


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