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Knicks Try To Keep Season-Ticket Holders Away From Fan Protest

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Fed-up Knicks fans plan to protest outside Madison Square Garden before the March 19 game against the Pacers. The visibility will be big—every person on their way into the Garden for that game will get a loud, ugly reminder that this team has gone and is going nowhere.


The Knicks have so far had no comment on the protest. But this morning, season-ticket holders received the following email:

With the Knicks back from their west coast tour, we wanted to celebrate in a big way, with you! If you plan to attend the Knicks game on Wednesday, March 19th, we'd love for you to attend the Knicks Happy Hour, courtesy of Chase. At this event, you'll meet some Alumni, receive vouchers for merchandise and concessions and be able to watch shoot-around from a great spot. The event starts at 6PM, which is an hour before doors open to the general public [and two hours before game time], so you'll be a VIP!

If you and your guests would like to attend, please let me know and print the invite for admission. Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you are able to join us.


[Redacted]| Madison Square Garden

MSG Sports Sales

2 Penn Plaza -14th Floor

New York, NY 10121

So if all goes well for the Knicks, while the protest rages outside, the fans pumping the most cash into James Dolan's pockets will already be inside getting free stuff. No unsightly picketing to block season-ticket holders' ways, no giant reminder that the thousands of dollars they've spent on this team haven't returned a quality roster or a consistent plan.

A protest seems noble, even if the group's name, "Knicks Fans 4 Life," sounds less like a rallying cry and more like a curse an old gypsy woman would lay on you. But it's impotent. No owner, especially Dolan, cares much about fan discontent as long as TV ratings are strong and games continue to sell out. Knicks fandom is a money pit that seems incapable of bottoming out. If you really want to protest, put down the sign and don't go to MSG at all.