Knicks' Very Bad Week Somehow Gets Worse

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With 8:18 left in the fourth quarter, the Knicks held a 13-point lead over the Sixers. Philly hadn’t done much on offense and a resurgent Derrick Rose was leading the Knicks just fine. Kristaps Porzingis was even occasionally sonning The Process! The Sixers are butt and the Knicks are supposed to win games like this.

These are, however, the Knicks, so instead of the Sixers curling up and dying, they scored 27 points over the last eight minutes and the game ended like this.

New York is now 1-9 over its last 10 games. Derrick Rose can’t decide whether he wants to give up basketball or ask for a max contract. Carmelo Anthony is sulking on the court.


All of which is to say the Knicks’ season has finally begun.