Kobe Bryant Is Not Even Pretending To Respect His Teammates Anymore

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This moment, from yesterday's game between the Lakers and Denver Nuggets, is just perfect representation of Kobe Bryant's current relationship with his teammates.

There's room to debate what exactly Kobe is saying to his teammates here—folks on Reddit seem to think he is telling them to "get the fuck out of the way," and I'm inclined to agree with that assessment—but the precise words are less important than the preening arrogance that is behind them. There he is, chest all puffed out like he's not somebody who's currently shooting 38 percent from the floor, dismissing his coach, teammates, and the harsh realities of age and basketball with just a few smug words.

Look at that dude. Look at him completely sucking the air out of the huddle, pre-empting whatever play was about to be drawn up by declaring that he, old-ass Kobe Bryant, has got this. Look at Nick Young's face, as the realization that he's going to have to play at least five more minutes of basketball because this crazy motherfucker in front of him is about do something like fire up a contested brick from 19 feet out sets in. Then watch as Kobe goes and does exactly that, and remember that nothing in the NBA is funnier than this team.